New Work “Blue Door” – Reminiscences Poject (wip)

January 12, 2008

I have started the 3rd painting of the new series “Reminiscences” and I am thinking about what might have been potentially better – painting the bungalows with or without the greenery.

To show you what I mean – I have scanned the new painting while I have not added the ivy and other plants yet as in the photo.

The reference photo:


And this is how my painting looks so far – as I already said – waiting for the plants to be added.


Just for clarification – I am definitely adding some plants because otherwise this painting would not fit any more into the series as it is right now – see the other two finished paintings below – “Red Door” and “Amarillo”. But an alternative might have been to paint only the the walls and windows in their authentic colours and leave it just as above.

So what would YOU have done? One version – the one with the plants are exactly or close to reality and depict the whole composition of coloured walls and the wonderful “wild gardens” as a true “memorial” and the other would have been a rather minimalistic but not less charming series of colour compositions, the former inhabitants chose for their little homes. Also an intriguing idea which I might even repeat in another series.


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