New Work: “Amarillo” – Reminiscences Project

January 8, 2008

I just finished the next piece of my Reminiscences Project and I called it “Amarillo” because it reminds of the wonderful colours in Mexico. This is also a “personal record” for me wow!as I normally cannot work that fast as my paintings are much too complex to be finished within a few hours. But as I have done the pre-work (photographing, editing etc.) a while ago, the painting itself works very well and smooth.

I don’t know who lived in these bungalows, which are history in the meanwhile (which means they don’t exist any more) , and who painted the walls but the colours are just so vivid and friendly. Exactly what I need for the mood to cheer up. Winter always sends me into some depressing state and I try to go out as often as possible – which helps a lot to get out of it again.

(Click on the image for more detail pics)

“Amarillo”, acrylic on cotton, 18″ x 26″
©2008 Petra Voegtle

And here again is the photo from my documentation that I used as a reference:

(click on image – “Doomsday for the Olympic Student Village”)

Now to another one….


3 Responses to “New Work: “Amarillo” – Reminiscences Project”

  1. m6fan Says:

    Another great painting……..but I must say, the photograph is a really brilliant composition. I love the colors,and the play of light and tone.

    Curious, your perspective changed in your painting vs the photograph.

  2. vyala Says:

    Haha Alan – you don’t miss a thing – do you?
    Yes, I changed the perpective slightly because otherwise the format would not have fitted to the canvas and I wanted to use the whole space (hate to waste material!)
    I also changed the yellow of the wall because the yellow in the photos was a bit too hard for the painting to my taste. I wanted a warmer light. Layering the whole canvas in nearly kadmium red before I started to paint the walls really helped to tone down the yellow of the wall a bit.
    The scan however is a bit more orange than the painting in reality – this is probably caused by scanning yellow with red – I have realized that my scanner tends to show more reds than the harder yellow – when scanned in one image – and it is difficult to change this in photoshop without influencing the other colours to their disadvantage. Maybe I should try again.
    Btw – the photograph is my absolute favourite as well.

  3. vyala Says:

    Alan, I just loaded a new pic – changed the yellow hue so that it really looks like the painting now…

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