Nearly made it…

January 2, 2008

It would be a lie if I said I almost reached my goal of 10.000 hits until the end of the year because I did not have such a goal. But I made it to 9996 hits! glücklich

I have no idea whether this is good or bad or average for an art blog because most people do not show their statistics but I am really very happy. I never would have thought that so many people read my stuff after I started this new endeavour only half a year ago – late as usual – but better late than never.

I also would never have thought that writing a blog could be so much fun. A big THANK YOU to you out there of giving me the pleasure to have that fun!!!winken - Neu!

It’s big fun to get in contact with other people who have similar thoughts and I also enjoy discussions very much, even if they are controversial or even a bit emotional sometimes. How boring it would be if anyone just had the same opinion. There is so much to learn, so many new things to know about – how could we cope with this if we would not exchange thoughts and knowledge?

Blogging has become a magnificent tool to step out of my little world and last but not least to train a language that is not my mother tongue. That’s not bad altogether – isn’t it?smug

My plans for this year regarding the blog? I don’t know yet. I leave it to the muse. I am flexible and open to suggestions – I think it is difficult to plan because you cannot predict the interest of a reader. I will continue to talk about my projects and experiments, my ideas and results, sharing what I have found out or stumbled over.  I have learned a great deal from other bloggers too – why not giving that back?

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