Where do you find Inspiration? (5)

December 23, 2007

… walking around and just looking at something that is in your neighbourhood. You might not have paid attention to it for some time, but suddenly you discover that the murals and interesting textures on the small bungalows of the Olympic Student Village in Munich might be something that spurs inspiration. So better keep track of them before they are torn down also in order to be renewed.

I took the chance of a sunny day – very rare in these days – and grabbed the camera to take some more images. I started to photograph the bungalows in August but did not have another chance to continue so far. I realized that some of the bungalows had been repainted although they are going to be torn down also. Some of the old ones had really interesting textures from the paint peeling off the wall – not to speak of the colours which are just lovely and remind you of other regions of this world – the Caribbean f.e. or Africa. Students which painted these little homes in the colours of their country – maybe a small consolation for being homesick. But check out for yourself:

Here is the “classical” black and red style reminding of well executed street-art

(click on the first image – you will find the complete photo docu on my website with much larger and better images!!)


and who would not feel wonderful in a house protected by some living trees?


The colours of Senegal – who brought those wonderful sun colours…?


and the coolest colours of the Caribbean islands…


Unfortunately I have learned that these adorable little houses are in a real desolate condition and in favour of economy and empty purses the city decided to tear them down rather than to renovate them. I only hope that the old charm is coming back again and that the new bungalows will be painted in such inspirational colours and creative motifs again. But I doubt it…

Btw – if you want to see more of these photos – check out my documentation on my website – Doomsday for the Olympic Student Village in Munich with much larger and better photos.


4 Responses to “Where do you find Inspiration? (5)”

  1. Natalya Says:

    wonderful photos, very inspiring, thank you!

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you, Natalya, did you see the ones on my photo blog? If not there are much more…
    Happy New Year to you!!!!

  3. Natalya Says:

    Happy New Year Petra! I wanted to thank you for the inspiration by giving you a “Make My Day” award..
    thank you!

  4. vyala Says:

    This is very sweet of you Natalya!!!

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