New Work “The Cove” (wip)

December 17, 2007

I think this will be the last one in a row for now with Hawaiian motifs – plan to do a different series after that. I need a little change again but I will continue the landscapes.

The following is also one of my favourite photos from Maui because it reflects the character of the islands: green, wonderful water, secluded little coves and bays where you will meet no-one, nothing spoiled, no tourists (hehe) – just plain nature (not quite – there is the road – but it is hidden at least) and the wonderful mood of an archaic landscape (just as in “Jurassic Park”). Well this comparison sucks a bit and ka po’e Hawai’i will probably not agree to this stupid idea of kekahi haole as I am but that was my first idea.


This time I try to document the whole painting process – from the very beginning – the initial sketch on the silk and the various layers of colours that I will use.


As you can see I am drawing and painting directly on the silk which is not streched on a frame. To have some stability it is fused to a double fusable poly batting (- when the painting is finished it is fused to another layer of heavy cotton fabric – this guarantees enough protection for the silk while it is strechteched on a frame) and laid directly on my handmade easel which is “mounted” on my working table as I do not like to paint in an upright position. I prefer to work on a sloping surface similar to the working tables of architects and graphic designers.

Going back to work now. Soon more images will follow.


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