New Work “Rainbow over Wailua” (wip)

December 9, 2007

I am not quite sure why I am really doing this – publishing images about an unfinished silk painting – maybe just for fun or to keep track of my own process and progress. Sometimes I am not really sure whether there is some at all – I mean progress.

There are always moments during the painting process where I often think about a re-start because things do not develop as I have planned them. The reason – material and paints do not work as I want them to work. Funny isn’t it? So I am not that much in control I thought I am. But working with accidents and serendipities is another aspect of creating art because the hands sometimes do something different from what the brain wanted to do. I suppose I have a lot to learn still…

Now here is the first image (inspired by old travel photography as I said a couple of posts ago):



I really worked a while on the rainbow and my main concern was to avoid a kitsch result at all means. So this is what I came up with after some time:



The next detail shot shows a bit of the details I am currently working on now in the lower part of the painting. I am still not sure whether I leave the rainbow as it is right now or going to change it:



Not very satisfied with the result yet but let’s wait and see how it ends up – in the bin or on a stretcher frame…


7 Responses to “New Work “Rainbow over Wailua” (wip)”

  1. JLB Says:

    I really think this piece is lovely. Something about the colors is so soothing, and the landscape is filled with movement! I encourage you not to round-file this one, even if only to look back on your growth between this and future works. 😉 As you’ve mentioned, inspiration can be found anywhere.

  2. vyala Says:

    Hi Jade, thank you so much for your kind words. The only problem I have got is that I do not understand what you mean by “not to round-file” – please could you explain? I really want to know…thank you

  3. JLB Says:

    Hi Vyala,

    “round file” is another word for “trash bin”. 😀 In other words, I hope you don’t trash this one, because I really like it. 😉


  4. vyala Says:

    LOL – thank you Jade – great! learned something again that you would not find in a dictionary. No – I think the painting is “beyond” the trash bin in the meanwhile – so it is likely to be finished soon – I hope…

  5. Natalya Says:

    your work is stunning… this definitely cannot be for the trash/round file!

  6. vyala Says:

    Natalya – thanks so much for your appreciation. I just discovered that we exhibit side by side in the same gallery next month: BoxHeart. I find this very funny – the world is so big and yet always people find each other at the same places again…something to think about – not?

  7. Natalya Says:

    It is funny how big yet little this world is…. I look forward to seeing your work in person there, too bad I cannot make it to the opening.. oh! congratulations on being chosen for the Best of Show in 2006

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