New Slideshow: “Magic Landscapes”

December 6, 2007

I often think about how I could present my work in an interesting and enjoyable manner. Whether it is presented to a customer, a gallery or any other entity does not really matter – it should be professional. Like a business card and/or letter it should reflect your professionalism in regard of presenting your “business”. I put this in quotation marks because I know there are lots of artists out there who do not agree to “Art” being a business also. But if you want to make a decent living from your work as an artist you have to be a business person too.

I think it is important that you deliver not only quality work in its entire appearance, say proper material, technically mastered and well executed not only from front but reverse side (yes reverse side as well) but also properly packed for transportation which includes some information about handling and care. You can see examples of how my work looks like from reverse and how I pack it for transportation here .

So I am always looking for new ideas and found PTE (by a valuable software to create really nice slideshows with lots of possibilities for animation and creative presentation. I have only touched the program’s capabilities so far – it takes some time and practice to fully comprehend what’s hidden in it – but I think the show I just created about my landscapes is a nice start and delivers a good overview.

So if you would like to check this out and what I have created so far you can download the show from my website. It’s about 8 Mb and takes about 10 Min to view. You can interrupt it via mouse move. Would be nice if you could give me some feedback on this slideshow – thanks.



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