New Silk Painting finished: “Haleakala”

November 22, 2007

I was in the studio working on my new silk painting in between my campaigns regarding the Humpback Whales. The only way to stay sane is working, working, working on what I love most besides being outdoors or in the water.

The new painting is signed – so it is finished. As I already said, I used some old travel photography for inspiration yet the finished piece is not a photorealistic piece because I had to pack the magnificence of an area that covers hundreds of sqare miles into a space that is only approx. 6 sqare feet large.

To show the grandiosity of this landscape I increased the colour range and added a few more volcano craters than there are in reality. This is called artistic license:

Btw – be sure to click on the image – you will find some interesting detail images on my website, especially as I added some hikers to the painting (shown in the last detail painting) which I painted with a magnifying glass:

Haleakala, silk painting, 21″ x 40″
©2007 Petra Voegtle



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