New Silk Painting “Haleakala” (wip)

November 19, 2007

I had to get away from my extreme sadness about what’s happening in the southern pacific today. I am trying to channel my rage and turn the energy into something positive. Not only was I writing to a lot of people with my pledge to make the humpback whale killing public I also went back into the studio to continue with my “Haleakala” painting. Ah – here we are again – the wonderful humpback whales from Maui…..I have to do another humpback whale painting! The only one that I have done so far is the one that’s currently on my homepage.

Okay – here are the next pictures – a bit blurry and because the painting is not varnished yet the colours are reflecting a lot – there is a hazy touch to the images that is not there in reality. But you get the drift…






Look closely at the above detail shot: I added a pair of hikers to the image as a narrative and humorous element – also to show the awesome dimensions of the Haleakala crater landscape – I painted them with a magnifying glass – see more details in the next picture.



How tiny they really are you will see in the whole picture again:





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