Japanese Whaling Ships are killing Humpbacks again!

November 18, 2007

I cannot believe this but how is it possible that Japanese whaling ships are allowed to kill the humpbacks again besides other whales, calling their bloody work “Scientific Research”. I ask you how is this possible? Do these people have any conscience? The result of their bloody work is ending up in sushi bars for an enormous profit. That’s their scientific result!

I am absolutely shocked about the ignorance and the cynic argumentation for this ordeal and I cannot believe that they get away with it against a worldwide protest.

Please help me, writing your protest in your blog and flooding the internet with these messages. Thank you!!!!

Now public: Japanese fleet out to kill humpbacks
ABC News: Japan wants Aussie protection during humpback kill
Los Angles Times: Japanese whalers to kill humpback
ABC News: Japan whalers off to hunt humpbacks
Greenpeace: facts
Greenpeace Whale Blog


8 Responses to “Japanese Whaling Ships are killing Humpbacks again!”

  1. Mark Says:

    It is quite awful Petra. I regularly donate to Sea Shepherd – an organization that takes pretty drastic measures against these vessels. I don’t think the Japanese listen though. As long as their government keeps protecting the fisherman doing this, I don’t see how they are going to back down. Which is why, even though they cross the line at times, Sea Shepherd is right there in their face forcing their ships to stop what they are doing.

  2. vyala Says:

    Hi Mark,
    it makes me happy to hear about your contributions. I am a contributing member of Greenpeace and although I do not agree to all and everything they do and say I think it is important to support organizations such as these. I think the only way to change things is to make them public. This is the positive aspect of globalization that you cannot hide information any more. Too many people still forget that we all have a voice which we should use. The technical means we have today should really be used.

  3. chris pash Says:

    Humpback whales have learned to trust man in the forty-five years since we stopped hunting them.
    If Japan carries out its aim of harpooning 50 humpback whales in the Antarctic this Southern Hemisphere Summer, the whale watching industry on Australia’s east and west coasts will soon find out.
    The humpbacks are the same as those who delight Australians each year and have created a $AU 300 million a year whale watching industry.
    There is no benefit to mankind by killing these whales. Their meat won’t help the poor ease their hunger but will grace the tables of the wealthy. The killing is done in the name of science but is it science to kill the subject?
    chris pash

  4. vyala Says:

    Thank you Chris for posting the link to your blog. I will refer to it in an extra post.

  5. Mark Says:

    I know it is from good places in people’s hearts they want this spread over blogs over the world, but I do wonder if the Japanese involved with this care about that. We have very different cultures and respond to different tactics of protest. Knowledge is always power, but they have been doing this for many, many years – Japan isn’t the only nation. Norway, Iceland also. I am very frustrated by these nations disregard for this great animals, but don’t know what to do that will actually make a difference.

  6. vyala Says:

    Hi Mark, you are right in principle. It is very little what we can do. But I think the more we make something public, the more people will see it and eventually it will arrive at the right place and with the right people. The thing is if we don’t do what we can do with our very small means then no-one will do anything. That’s exactly the point when everyone thinks the same and just keeps quiet what would happen then? It always starts with small campaigns. Greenpeace started with small campaigns. The WWF started with small campaigns. And so many others. If they had not done anything and kept quiet , thinking that this all does not make any difference then we probably would not have ANY whale any more.
    Now we have the means to spread it far without any cost and without too much effort through the internet. Each time it will reach more people – especially the younger ones who understand better I think and they are our hope to educate their parents, the ignorant, the stupid.
    It all starts with education. So spread the word, spread the facts and write it on the walls! We may not be able to stop it now but perhaps in the near future before it is too late.

  7. sky Says:

    hi mat

    i think killing the whales is so sick and rong it is so sad because the whales can not keep up with the beering so soon they will die out
    thank you

  8. sky Says:

    it is rong

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