New Silk Painting from the Magic Landscapes Series “Haleakala” (wip)

November 14, 2007

As I already said – old travel photographs are sometimes a wonderful resource for inspiration. These are now the first photos of the new painting with the working title “Haleakala” – don’t know yet whether I will keep this title.

I have always been fascinated by volcanos and flowing lava, the process of creation in its most natural form. On my travels I have seen a few and always felt in awe about what this planet is all about: the circle of life and death.

When you stand at the edge of a crater or the caldera of a really huge volcano such as Lake Toba on Sumatra you realize how small you are as human and that you have no control over what happens deep below the surface of this planet besides destroying everything with a perfidious arsenal of weapons.

I can only hope that the beauty of this earth will be conserved and that there will be more insight in future for our responsibility to do something about it.

The ragged landscapes of areas of flowing lava are breathtaking in their roughness, sometimes with awsome sculptures. Where the winds have already done their part, polishing and sanding everything in their path, the colours of the earth’s treasures such as the minerals emerge and cover everything with a carpet in lilacs, reds, yellows, purples and more. It is a feast for the eyes when the sun is highlighting those hues and the clouds doing their part and playing with shadows.

I cannot really imitate Mother Nature but try my best to give a glimpse of her capabilities…


just the underpainting where I am layering the first colours and forms, also determining where the light will come from – which is a very important part in this painting:




starting to work on the backgrounds and the first details of the craters:



following photos are just the details of some of the details where I am determining the patterns of the craters:





Soon more…



2 Responses to “New Silk Painting from the Magic Landscapes Series “Haleakala” (wip)”

  1. mijael Says:

    Hi! Petra, GREAT lanscapes, and I enjoyed with the pictures step by step of the process. I added a post against the killing of whales, as you asked me by e-mail. Thansk for notice me about that problem

  2. vyala Says:

    Ola Mijael,
    you are the best – thank you so much for joining into the public protest. I am very happy about this. Little steps but maybe it reaches the right people after a while.

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