Where do you find Inspiration? (4)

November 12, 2007

…from old travel photographs for example – as I did this week.

While the season currently is showing only the ugly face with cold rains that creep into your bones, strong winds and darkness throughout the day I am taking a break from low mood, simply stepping into past travels and thus uplifting heart and soul with wonderful memories and new inspirations and colours.

I can tell you nothing is more uplifting than digging out wonderful memories. It fully works – at least with me. And as I am on a virtual Hawaiian trip at the moment anyway why not using some old photos as inspiration for a colourful new work. But look at these colours first – don’t you think these would make up a great painting?









You can guess – it will be a volcano piece – with a landscape similar to above photos which are from the Haleakala crater on Maui, HI. But I have just started – I beg for some patience – mahalo – a hui hou kakou…

(Btw – if you like to see more of my Hawai’i photos – please check out my website, under the photography section.)

Travel photographs in general are an excellent source for inspiration. This does not mean that photos should be simply copied. I think of rather re-creating that special feeling when we enounter the atmosphere of a very special place. This means that memory can change due to our emotions and preferences. And this again allows us to create something absolutely original, not something simply copied from a piece of paper or a digital image. It may be similar to the images we see in our dreams…




2 Responses to “Where do you find Inspiration? (4)”

  1. Mark Says:

    A good question. Often I think I need more sources to turn to, because so often I feel so uninspired. I admire those that can paint so well like you and create your own escape.

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Mark. The tricky thing with inspiration is that you cannot force it – you just can let it go and don’t bother about it if there is no constant spark. I have realized if I try too hard to capture something it goes wrong. So I have learned to simply do something completely different if I have a feeling of getting stuck – even in the middle of a project. I just start something new and return again when the time has come. Playing with new material, experimenting with something unusual, can help tremendously to get back on track again or give your work a completely new twist.

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