Silk Painting reworked: “Ricefields” …again!

November 3, 2007

You won’t believe this but I changed “Ricefields” again! After I was through with the new one “The Valley” I kept thinking about “Ricefields” again and why I still did not sign it off.

Ricefields, silk painting,stitched
40″ x 21″
©2007 Petra Voegtle

Ha – missing signature always means that there is still something wrong, not really finished. Is this so? Somehow on a sub-level of my brain something tells me to forget about it – I mean signing the project off – and when I look at my former work I realize it happens each time when something is not okay yet…

But this time it is really finished – I put my signature on it – and I am quite happy with it now. And I even entered it already in a competition. Somehow the upper part was looking as if a chemical accident had happened in that area – I did not like the milky look of the supposedly foggy area there and changed it to more contrast. Now it looks more natural and it is FINISHED! Btw – it looks much better in reality – somehow the colours do not translate very well on the monitor. Details are on my website (click on the photo) – there you can see the subtle colours this piece is painted in much better.

Wait for the next piece – it will be hot hot………..



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