Useful Links for Artists

October 1, 2007

I think it is time to address one of my original goals for this blog – to deliver some useful tips and links I came across so far:

1. Robert Genn’s Newsletter – I talked about it in my last post – see the link to the left

2. Free portfolio on Saatchi Gallery – here you can enter up to 8 images of your work, biography and resume for free. There are lots of additional features – check out the whole site.

3. Offer art for sale also on Saatchi Salesroom which is a brandnew feature on the Saatchi website . Here you can sell your work for free – no commission involved. I am very pleased that there are people out there who really do their best to support artists.

4. An Art Marketplace where you can enter your free portfolio with up to 25 works on Fine Art America with the additional feature of selling “Print on Demand” (they request a small fee for utilising this feature).
There is s nice extra on this site: you get a visitor’s statistics for each of your images including location from where they are coming.

5. The largest Art Forum in the internet – Wetcanvas – if you don’t know it yet. Very worthwhile if you look for tutorials in all sorts of media you can imagine or for inspiration, help on art business, contacts etc.

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