Where do you find Inspiration? (part 2)

August 26, 2007

…from street-art

I spent a couple of days in my hometown Freiburg and realized that the city is doing something for young people. Not everything seems to be so sleepy and backwards as I always had the feeling it was and still is – but I haven’t been in town for a long time.

Don’t misunderstand me – Freiburg is really a nice beautiful city and very well loved by tourists. It has become very picturesque and after renewal of the old facades and buildings in the last decades (I remember still the awful sites with the remnants of the last world war when I was a child) it is nice to wander through the narrow streets with their little paved brooklets – the famous Freiburger Bächle.

What I do not like about Freiburg is the politics and its blown up bureaucracy which seems to spoon-feed the citizen in a way that is reminiscent of old times under monarchy even more than in other areas of Germany. And the mentality of the German people in general is to accept nearly everything that is taught by the authorities.

Where is democracy? Where is protest? Where is rebellion against laws and orders which do not make sense any more? I realize that Germany has never been a real democracy otherwise people would have been asked before real important decisions are made. But this did never happen – neither with the unification, nor with implementation of the Euro nor with many other very important changes such as the European constitution (rejected overwhelmingly f.e. by France and The Netherlands!)!

But I digress.

When we neared a pedestrian subway which was full of graffiti I suddenly realized that many of these graffiti were really artistic and very well executed. I stopped and started to photograph these graffiti. I was completely caught by their colour combinations and forms and realized that some of them were real art – not the usual smear of the walls but figurative images such as these:


and this one


and another one


These are more street art works than graffiti in my opinion and very well executed.

Btw – this place near the Schwabentor has been released for graffiti by the authorities as another 13 places in Freiburg – I discovered later – which really amazes me when I consider other habits of the bureaucracy.

You can check out my photoblog where you will find a bunch of additional photos

I was also impressed by the colour combinations of the “usual” graffiti which are merely a kind of calligraphy of words and which mostly reflect the name of the creator in order to leave a stamp of his/her person, saying “I was here and made this”.

I must admit that I am not very familiar with the whole hip hop scene and did not pay a lot of attention to this cultural form but these graffiti somehow struck a cord in me, telling me that this is a kind of pure art, art that origins from the very basis, just the same kind of art that can be found on rock, caves and on plain soil, also telling us 20000 years later “we have been here, this is our life”. It is fascinating to see that somehow we feel the very same urge to leave something behind us as a testimony even if it is only very short lived.

Isn’t this the true meaning of art?


5 Responses to “Where do you find Inspiration? (part 2)”

  1. Liz Plummer Says:

    We were in Freiburg on holiday a few years ago and I was very impressed with its integrated transport system, the buses, trams etc… everything seems a lot more geared up for the pedestrian than here in the UK – we got to our destination in about a quarter the time it would take in the UK, despite having two changes… I don’t remember seeing the graffiti but they look very impressive.

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you for checking in, Liz. Yes – those graffiti look quite inspirational…

  3. switzerkid Says:

    Too bad the graffiti here in the Philippines are all done by hoodlums who are obviously too high on pot and crack.

  4. vyala Says:

    Hi switzerkid – maybe you’ll find some good ones too – would be interesting for me to get a look at them if you have any photos…

  5. yay Says:

    w0w..very nice..
    i really love graffiti although they says that it includes in vandalism, i don’t believed that.. because for me its an art and not everyone can do that..
    its an art and talent..

    im planning that someday if i will be having my own house i want to have graffiti in my garden or in my backyard..

    ohh..i really like the design, colors,everything..


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