If it only were that easy…

August 16, 2007

So within a few days I received one more rejection note by another gallery – this time I was told that my work was not narrative and edgy enough. Hm – what now? Last week someone from a different gallery said my work was not traditional enough.

I am confused. What now? Not traditional – not edgy – not narrative – so what is in between? Someone else says ART is not about stories at all. Others say all art is telling a story and if not it is not art. So why should I bother at all?

I should not. That’s what the experts say. But who are the experts if not the gallery people, the museum people, the critics or any other artist?

I should simply concentrate on working. Doing what I need to do. Didn’t someone else of these experts also say “don’t bother what’s happening around you?” Maybe I should just do exactly that.

But there is that little word “but”. These thoughts appear without any intent and they can spoil all your energy that you should rather put into your work. I think they are driven by the pressure you are under if you try to make a decent living with your art. No matter what any expert says in the end only the result counts, what you have in your pocket if you define result in monetary value. This is a matter of surviving and that’s the very dry part of art.

But there is another purpose of art. The one that feeds your energies, that makes you happy, balanced and calm, that takes the stress out and gives you the deep feeling of satisfaction, that helps you to overcome bad thoughts and fears and just fills the day with positive vibes. Everything else may come by itself. And somehow these rejects start to not bother me at all any more.

Is this what we need to learn as artists – take life as it is , learn to really live and don’t bother about the profane around us? If it only were that easy…


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