Sense and nonsense of workshops…(part7)

July 13, 2007

What do you need a workshop potentially for?

To get away from home – you think this is not meant seriously? I am serious.

How often do we feel like being imprisoned somehow, family demands, demands from your boss, all those obligations we have to fulfil – sometimes even deliberately. But feeling under pressure all the time can make you sick or at least very frustrated. It is necessary to get away from all those demands from time to time. So why not participating in a workshop that really takes you to somewhere else, that makes your head free because you have to concentrate on something completely different.

Going on a regular holiday often takes at least a week until your are able to relax and leave your problems out of sight for a while – so it takes another week until you feel really free and can enjoy the leisure.

Attending a workshop will always boost your inspirational and creative juices simply because you break the routine, learn something new, get to know other people in a relaxed environment not in a time constrained situation. And if you carefully choose the right workshop or retreat where the goals are not too arduous, where there are no specific goals and where you can leave everything behind and just concentrate on your own creativity you will realize how quickly your whole body will accustomize to the new freedom. Accordingly you will come home relaxed and with new energies.

I believe this is a valid argument.

Because you need some justification for travelling – you are bored to death, you have a creative block somehow but you simply cannot just say you are going on a holiday? Few people are in that luxurious situation where they just can take their time from the regular working period.
Anyway – think about it – if you plan a holiday anyway then why not combine this with something absolutely “useful” and motivating and completely different from the usual “all-inclusive-offers”? Why not consider a trip to Italy and take a class in painting in the Toscana? This could be so invigorating and even a boost for your art career. This may open new worlds in your life. You may discover completely new abilities and talents you might have never thought of.

Why not learn stone or wood sculpturing in Macedonia or Italy – they are famous for offering workshops such as these during the holiday seasons. Many artists then open their studios for beginners as well as more prolific students.

The advantage of that kind of workshops normally is that you don’t need to invest money in expensive materials or tools. After the workshops you can decide at home whether you want to continue to explore your new medium or just keep it as a new experience which might enrich your further creative path.

To learn new skills in a completely different environment and culture is extremely rewarding and often even cheaper than a 2 weeks stay in a 4-star hotel where you do nothing but consume and gain weight.

Often one just needs an idea and the internet is there to check it out. Try it – you might be amazed by all the opportunities.

Useful links:

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