Sense and nonsense of workshops…(part6)

July 10, 2007

What do you need a workshop potentially for?

Because you have no discipline to work alone – does this sound familiar to you? This is definitely another reason than feeling just insecure.

There is a general prejudice among people who do not work in or for the artworld – they say “artists have no discipline”, “they don’t get up before lunchtime or worse”, “artists are just day dreamers”, “artists do not know what real life is”. All of this may be true, but for the majority living with art and from art is a heavy duty. A tiny part of all artists of the world can really live from their art – most of them need to have additional occupations to support themselves and/or their families. And this requires real discipline!

So taking a workshop for to finally learn some discipline might be a real good idea. This means: you work in a time constrained environment, you learn to achieve a goal with certain requirements, such as using specific colours only, a different medium, a different style (abstract versus representative f.e.) , creating something in a very short time such as a 10 minute drawing – there are a myriad of possibilities. These all require discipline and total concentration on what you are doing. No distractions.

The result of such a workshop may very well be that you go to your studio on a regular basis just as you would when working as an employee. A workshop such as this may help you to work each day for a certain amount of hours whether you feel like it or not (stop procrastinating) – because this helps you to overcome blocks.

Working a certain amount of hours just for your marketing and business part is a good way to discipline yourself. And if you don’t feel like painting why don’t you just update your website or make new brochures. This is equally creative and your time is not wasted staring at a blank canvas not knowing what to do next.

So taking a workshop to learn these skills certainly will help you to discipline yourself when you are back in your studio. Discipline is part of every occupation and will help you to be a genuine professional. As Edison said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. In other words: “there is no substitute for hard work” (Edison).


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