Evolving a concept… (part 2)

June 18, 2007

Last year I worked on various projects – one of those was a series about the symbols and magic of ancient cultures. Somehow symbols and signs have always been a special attraction to people. Mostly connected with special rites and habits, the worship of ancient gods and lost beliefs, they have always been fascinating for their secrets – some of them have been disclosed, yet many of them still hidden in their meaning.

My research about these symbols led me into a world full of magic and stunning stories about all sorts of treasures but also into the history of lost cultures due to sociopolitical changes and their (non)migration into modern life, cultures which formerly guaranteed a certain freedom and richness of life but are found today to be more primitive and restrictive than ever. Thus symbolically described in the piece Bactria :


Parallel to this series about the symbols I had the idea about another one that depicts the living creatures rather than that of the lost ones: the magic of creatures, creatures which are rarely seen, overlooked or spectacular, creatures which evoke very special emotions or attention, creatures which tell us something about the world out there, that man and woman need to know, creatures such as the humpback whales:



I was suddenly aware of something wonderful happening here – the initiation of a whole concept. It seems to be far-fetched but when there was a whole magic world hidden in those agates and other stones such as the amethyst, why not everywhere – somewhere?

What about the landscapes we have ever seen and possibly ignored. Hasn’t each landscape out there its special magic even if we only see it at a second sight and only if there is a specific light? Dull blue skies can also look so different short before a thunderstorm – not?

And who would deny that a landscapes such as can be found in Guilin/China – that has been praised for centuries by hundreds of painters and photographers, even poets – that this landscape is pure magic? Funnily this is a motif one can never get bored about because there are so many different breathtaking views and so many different opportunities to see these landscapes in different light that there won’t be enough works to portray it all:


(all painted on silk and stitched)

An idea was born and resulted this year in a solo exhibition under the theme “Magic Worlds”. Ihis was my concept now: to show the magic that surrounds us, the magic that lies in small things which might be hidden first, the magic that is in our environment even in things we think we know very well. We just need to open our eyes and see it. This is what I am doing. I see and want to make you see also…

(to be continued)


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