Evolving a concept… (part 1)

June 17, 2007

Three years ago I started a small series of silk painted scrolls about agates. I have always been deeply fascinated by all sorts of minerals, their forms, colours, patterns, the translucency of crystals, their shimmer. A never ending world of natural wonders and an endless resource for human phantasy.

I choose a very special group of minerals for inspiration: agates. Since decades I am collecting all sorts of minerals but some of them have my attention specifically. Agates represent a whole world on their own – disguised from outside – they often look boring and insignificant from their outer shell. When you managed to cut them up, a tiny world full of miracles is opened for you, sometimes presenting images which are reminiscent of phantastic landscapes, sometimes the whole flora seems to appear in microscopic size.

This was the inspiration for my scrolls.

One of those is called “Spheres” because it appeared to me like one of those landscapes you can find in artic regions, where the melting ice forms very special landscapes which appear unearthly to the human eye:


Agates often contain tiny crystals which are formed by pressure and heat. To represent those the scroll was not only painted but also beaded with tiny glass beads which shimmer in light just the same way as the crystals within an agate:


Another one of these scrolls was called “Bloodmoon”. Choosing again the silvery/white colours you can sometimes find in light agates this one resulted in a metaphor for a cell. This was not really planned but a true serendipity while searching for a title. I recogized that it had the form of a cell and this again led to another metaphor: the female monthly cycle:


Btw – you will find larger pics on my website – check it out.

Now the 3rd of this series I called “Sun” because it reminded me of the sun spots you can see from time to time and all that flickering and undulating the sun is demonstrating in photos from scientific satellites. And sometimes – when I am in a funny mood – I simply call it my “fried egg” – but don’t tell anyone…


(…to be continued)


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