Getting started…

June 16, 2007

It is raining today and I have a lot of work to do – preparing shipment for an exhibition, preparing images and application for a new competition, finishing my current project but I am doing none of these – instead I have started a new blog and have to decide now what this will be about. I am procrastinating on painting. But this is okay too. You cannot force the muse to do her work. And sometimes – doing just computerwork can be as creative as the painting itself.

My main goal will be to talk about ART and anything that is related to that. I think about giving some insights into my work, how I work, the practical aspects, the inspirational process, my commitments and I want to talk about issues I have come across over the last years which are really bugging me a lot. Things which could be improved if only people were aware of them.

Artists sometimes inherit some attitudes out of ignorance and carelessness towards themselves, their work, customers, environment and for other reasons that really does not help to improve their image of being a special breed, that is unreliable, sloppy, simply not to be taken seriously. But I want to show that is not necessarily the case.

I also want to talk about images, images from the outer world and those which are hidden inside, images which evoke emotions, sometimes even anger and how art making can function as a catalyst. I want to talk about new and old projects, plans how to realize an idea etc. etc.

Let’s see where this is leading to…


2 Responses to “Getting started…”

  1. LuckyFrau Says:

    Dear HulaChick. Well, I thought it would be appropriate for me to answer your email as a post to your blog. I just read all the entries you’ve made – three, I think. I really enjoyed reading your writing and seeing your images here. Can they be links to specific pages on your site? That would be nice, so people could go enjoy the whole works at once, complete with statement, etc.

    My “blog” is still a diary, I think, started before the word “blog” was hatched, so it can just stay clunky and simple – though a search engine on it would be sweet! Too late to rethink for now, anyhow, but YOUR blog is very inspiring!

    I just got home from unexpecctedly teaching my friend Rosalie Dace’s classes at QSDS in Columbus, Ohio, when she suddenly had to stay at home in S Africa for surgery. For me it was a matter of knowing her enough to know I could take on her lesson plans and channel her lovely spirit, figuratively, of course, to the students. So I’m back from 7 days of classes there, and it was lovely.

    I should have posted at their info table, news about my upcoming reopened TAC (Turtle Art Camp) sessions, because I now realize they let other symposia advertise there! Not a good marketer, me!

    I bet you’ll love doing this new type of global communication. I must go unpack a little more and throw some clothes into the washer! Jimmy leaves for Grayling, MI in the AM, for eight days. Maybe I’ll catch up, or at least get headed in that direction!

    Good luck with all your pressing matters, too! I love what I saw here, LuckyFrau.

  2. vyala Says:

    Hi dear LuckyFrau,
    I created the hyperlinks to the images. Thank you for the suggestions and your kind words. Pe

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